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International Multidisciplinary Conference

Challenges of Contemporary Higher Education – CCHE is organised by the Conference of Academies for Applied Studies in Serbia (CAASS) and numerous Serbian higher education institutions. in Serbia. CAASS is a reputable organisation dedicated to advancing vocational education and research in Serbia. Our mission is to support and promote higher education, research, and innovation and to provide a platform for exchanging ideas and knowledge among educators, researchers, and students.


CAASS is known for improving the quality of education, promoting scientific research, and supporting the academic community. Our organisation is committed to creating opportunities for learning, development, and advancement in the world of vocational higher education.

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We look forward to your participation in the "Challenges of Contemporary Higher Education" conference!

Our goal

Through the organisation of the CCHE conference, CAASS and other organisers aim to bring together experts from various disciplines to discuss and exchange ideas about the challenges and opportunities in contemporary higher education. Our goal is to create an environment that encourages interdisciplinary dialogue, critical thinking, and innovation.

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