Challenges of Contemporary Higher Education

Meeting of the organizing committee of the “CCHE” conference – Challenges of Contemporary Higher Education

Meeting of the Organizing Committee for the "CCHE" Conference

Members of the Organizing Committee, employed in academies, higher vocational schools in Serbia, and other higher education institutions, attended the meeting of the Organizing Committee for the CCHE conference, which will take place from January 29 to February 4 at Kopaonik. During the meeting, the next steps in the implementation of this international conference were discussed, which currently brings together participants, authors, and members of the scientific committee from 23 countries.

The conference is interdisciplinary and covers various scientific, professional, and artistic fields, including, among others: Medical sciences, mathematics, computer science, and mechanics; Philosophy, psychology, pedagogy, and sociology; Law, economics, and political science; Electrical engineering, telecommunications, and information technology; Mechanical engineering and industrial software; Transportation, urbanism, and civil engineering; Land, water, and air management and protection; Arts; Biotechnology and agriculture; and Language for specific purposes.

Challenges of Contemporary Higher Education

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