Challenges of Contemporary Higher Education

Successfully opened CCHE 2024 Conference – Challenges of Contemporary Higher Education

Successfully opened CCHE 2024 Conference

With great satisfaction and enthusiasm, the CCHE conference on Kopaonik has officially opened. The prestigious event commenced with an introductory speech by Dr. Branko Savić, a professor and president of the Conference of Academies and Higher Education Institutions of Serbia (CAASS), who greeted and inspired all participants. Professor Savić noted that his dream of creating a broad platform to gather a large number of participants on the topic of higher education had been realized. He mentioned that 404 papers were submitted from 18 countries for the plenary session and regular sessions, along with 19 student papers, expressing gratitude to all who participated.


Dr. Gabrijela Grujić, the director of the Office for Dual Education and the National Qualifications Framework of the Republic of Serbia, addressed the assembly, emphasizing the importance of collaboration and innovation in education.


Prof. Dr. Janko Samardžić, special advisor to the Minister of Education, highlighted the importance of continuous improvement and knowledge exchange in the field of higher education.


A special contribution to the event was made by Dr. Aleksandar Šević, a professor from Trinity College in Ireland and the Institute of Technology, who, as the president of the scientific committee, shared his thoughts on future trends in education.


“We owe a great deal of gratitude to our friends from Romania, who played a crucial role in the internationalization of the conference,” said Prof. Dr. Dragan Ćalović, dean of the Faculty of Contemporary Arts in Belgrade, inviting Mnerie Dumitru from Romania to briefly address and share his experience and vision.


Srećko Miodragović, advisor and chief of the president’s office at Comtrade, the general sponsor of the conference, presented a special acknowledgment to Professor Dumitru for his outstanding contribution to the internationalization of the conference.


As the representative of the general sponsor, Srećko Miodragović emphasized the importance of collaboration between representatives of educational institutions, educational policy makers, and the business sector.


The evening was concluded with a cocktail reception in the hotel lobby.

This event left a strong impression on all participants and provided a new impetus for future initiatives in higher education.

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